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Add More Dining Area with Bistro Folding Tables

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If you own a restaurant or cafe, it's never a good thing when potential customers leave because you don't have a table available for them. If you have an outdoor patio or seating area, you can greatly increase your seating capacity, especially if you're located in a climate that allows for outdoor dining all year long. At Bistro Patio, we can help you add more dining area and seats to your cafe with bistro folding tables and chairs.

Our Felicia Folding Rectangle Table is an ideal addition to any outdoor seating area, and with the convenience of a folding table, you can quickly set up and take down your exterior dining room when you need to. If the sun is shining, you can host more customers and serve them a delicious meal without making them wait for a table to open up inside your restaurant. When it starts to rain, or at night when you're closing up, your table will fold up and store easily until you need it the next day. Bistro Patio carries tables of various sizes and shapes, so depending on your dining configuration, you can select a table or two that fits your needs.

We also have bistro folding tables that are perfect for drink and appetizer service, such as this 28" x 28" Square Folding Table, which would also make a great addition to your deck or patio at home. You can also find tables with holes already made for umbrellas and other shades, keeping the sun out of your customers' eyes while they enjoy your fine cuisine.