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Selecting the Best Seating For Your Restaurant

Posted by Deonna Adams on

How to Choose Outdoor Seating for Your Restaurant


Outdoor seating has become a life-saver for most restaurant owners. While business has been impacted severely due to the pandemic, being able to utilize an outdoor space for extra seating has been a help to many in the restaurant industry.

For some this new dining option has helped those in the industry recoup business that was lost during the shut down. When given an option some customers may feel more comfortable sitting outside versus inside where it is believed the virus will spread more quickly.

So if you are a restaurant owner how do you decide what type of seating is best for your restaurant or cafe? If you were to google this question hundreds of seating options will pop up, but finding commercial seating for your restaurant may not be as hard as you think.

First you want to consider your restaurant seating layout. Will your restaurant seating include booths with mostly tables and chairs? After you know how and where you want to place your new furniture consider these 3 factors.


Selecting furniture according to the type of restaurant you have is important. If you are a fine dining restaurant choose quality materials, and luxurious patterns. Bistro sets are great for casual dining restaurants and cafes. Industrial vintage chairs are durable and unique.

With the huge variety of restaurant furniture out there it is great to find tables and chairs with different heights, styles, and colors. If you are looking for bar seating a good option are the Simone Bar Stool. These will add beauty and style to a restaurant that has a contemporary vibe.

2. Climate

If the location of your restaurants experiences all 4 seasons you may want to take this into consideration. If purchasing for indoor and outdoor use, make sure the furniture is weather-resistant.

Most metal bistro tables and chairs will do well all season. Wicker may be another material that you will want to consider, but not all wicker is made for outdoors. If you ask us we like to stick with Fermob's selection of bistro furniture. Another material that does well is Rattan.The rattan bark is preserved making the chairs suitable for outdoor use.

3. Comfort

For some comfort trump's style. So when selecting a chair notice the back height and seat depth. Notice your posture when sitting in the chair. What type of material is the cushion made of? Sit for a little while in the chair to make sure it’s comfortable for a long period of time.

Expand seating areas

Photo by RMH architects

What if space is limited? Think about any unused space you may have available to you. Sidewalk patios have become very popular in recent months. Adding a few patio tables and chairs and creating a front yard patio will give you additional seating, and create what we like to call pandemic dining.

We love how Wallabys in Ames, Iowa utilized their space. Rooftop patios are a great option for outdoor seating. Add a few commercial patio heaters and use this space for most of the year. Another great option could be a beer garden if there is an open lot nearby. People love to enjoy good weather, drinks, and friendship. Give them this reality with a cozy inviting seating area.

Tip: If you need inspiration for creating beautiful patios find restaurants with outdoor seating near you. It may spark an idea to help you get started.

Buying furniture that can be used indoor and outdoors is a great investment.To find commercial tables for sale and more head over to Find the perfect seating for your restaurant!

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