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Fermob's new colors for the season include Acapulco Blue and Red Ochre!

Posted by Maggie Wynja on

The new Acapulco Blue color offers unparalleled subtlety.

Bright when outdoors, deep when inside, it evokes a whole range of universes: the ocean, the jungle, warm exoticism or even a frozen desert.

Mysterious & soothing, Acapulco Blue brings new perspectives to the Fermob color chart. In conjunction with shades of green or blue, it brings soft harmonies to the garden.

This new, deep color will fill our gardens with a refreshing intensity.

Red Ochre decorates furniture with a fiery temperament. Red Ochre is a volcanic but wise natural, ancient color.

Its elegance chimes with the present-day trend for returning to the roots and the land. A powdery, authentic, glowing hue, it adds a touch of spice to the warm tones in the Fermob color chart.

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