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Choosing The Best Outdoor Heater

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How to Enjoy Your Patio Despite Changing Weather

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You’ve spent all summer getting your outdoor space ready to entertain and enjoy. Before you know it….the weather is starting to get cold. When that time comes and you want to entertain outside on chilly evenings or during the winter months, now is the time to invest in an outdoor space heater for your patio.

Space heaters make a great addition to your patio space because they ensure you don’t have to wait for the weather to warm up to enjoy your patio. We plan on enjoying our outdoor space and drinking our favorite hot beverage sitting at our metal bistro table and chairs as long as we can.

What is The Best Patio Heater to Buy

There are so many different patio heaters you can buy. Keep in mind though, they are designed to take the chill out of the air, but you are still outside. When considering what type of patio heater to buy think about what type of heat source will be best for you and your area.

Patio heaters come with mainly three heat sources.

1. Propane. Propane heaters can heat up a space quickly, and depending on the size can heat a large space. However, since it omits carbon monoxide it should not be used in an enclosed space.

2. Electric. Using an electric heater is safer, but it may cost you a little extra money. You will have to change bulbs, and ensure there is an outdoor outlet as most come with a cord.They are generally smaller so will not give off as much heat as a propane heater.

3. Wood. Burning wood is the favorite option for most people. It can generate a lot of heat, but make sure you have a safe distance from any structure. To decrease smoke use wood such as birch, hickory, and white ash.

When you are choosing the right space heater for your patio, you have a couple of different considerations to make. There are two main categories of heaters: hanging and standing.

If you have children or pets, a hanging heater is a safer choice than a standing heater. A standing heater is too easily accessible to little ones and their furry friends, while a hanging heater keeps the danger out of reach.

Tip: No matter what heat source you choose caution must be taken when you have your children and pets around your patio heater.

How Large is Your Space

One consideration you should make is the size of your space. If you are working with a small amount of space on your patio, a standing heater may take up too much room. A tabletop heater may be a good option. It can be secured on a patio table where the umbrella hole is located.

Alternatively, if you have a large outdoor space, standing space heaters may be more convenient because they are portable. You can move them around your outdoor space depending on where you would like to entertain.If you're like me I have a nice size space, but I have a lot of patio furniture which makes my space look small.

How Cold Does it Get

When choosing between standing and hanging heaters, you should also think about how cold it gets in your region. In general, standing heaters heat spaces less efficiently than hanging heaters.

If you live in a colder environment, you will likely benefit more from hanging heaters. Alternatively, if you live in a warm weather climate, like California, you may find that standing heaters work just fine, and better match your aesthetic.

Make Your Space Warm and Cozy

One of the great joys of life is being able to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature. Adding a patio heater will give you the opportunity to do this even when the weather turns cold. But, what can you add your outdoor space to make it even cozier?

Choosing the right kind of furniture and accessories can add to the comfortable and pleasant experience to your outdoor retreat. Comfortable seating can make the difference. Why not, have a footrest or stools to prop your feet up. Add a stylish bench and pillows to create an unconventional look.

Regardless of the outdoor heater you choose, at Bistro Patio, we carry the French patio furniture you need to complete your outdoor space. Shop our selection here today!