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More Ways to Extend the Life of Your Patio Furniture

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When you invest in French style outdoor furniture, you want to be sure that it lasts you for years to come. However, if you do not perform proper maintenance, your outdoor furniture will be worn down by the elements, making it difficult to hold on to it for long. In our last blog, we started to go over some simple ways you can extend the life of your patio furniture. Read on for more ways to make sure your French style outdoor furniture from Bistro Patio lasts for years to come.

Address mildew immediately

Unfortunately, due to precipitation, mildew is a common problem for patio furniture. A mildewy patio cushion can be a real party pooper, so you could be proactive about addressing this issue. Periodically smell your cushions, pillows, and other fabrics to check for mildew. If you smell even the mildest mildew scent, tackle it immediately. If you let mildew build up too much, you will not be able to save it. Mix a gallon of water with ¾ of a cup of a bleach and apply it to your mildewy patio furniture and accessories. Wipe it off with water. You will know you have fixed the problem when the mildew smell is gone.

Use tarps

A great way to protect your patio furniture from the elements is to purchase tarps to place over them when they are not in use. Opt for waterproof, vinyl tarps that are breathable, particularly if you are going to cover them for an extended period of time. Tie the tarps down with ropes or bungee cords, or use bricks to hold them down.

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