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Sika Rattan furniture inspired by Scandinaivan Design

Posted by Maggie Wynja on

Our new line of rattan furniture, Sika-Design, is based in Denmark.  Their rattan chairs are made from only first class rattan from their own factory in Indonesian where there is an abundance of rattan. Rattan is environmentally friendly since it regenerates in 5-7 years and transforms CO2 into clean air. For the Affaire collection, the rattan is natural - without removing the skin and left un-lacquered which allows the skin of the rattan to serve as it's natural protection. The seat and back is woven with Polystrand fibers and held together with stainless steel nails and screws which is perfect for any outdoor setting.  A very durable and light weight chair and table that will last for years. Polystrand is UV resistant and does not loose elasticity even with exposure to the sun. 

The skin of the rattan can be used outdoors, however the appearance will turn to a silver/grey color which is considered very beautiful.  The rattan will stay strong for years and last longer if it does not have excessive exposure to the outdoor elements. It's recommended to bring inside for winter or use plastic covers.

The designs in the collection date back to the 50's and 60's and are suited for sidewalk cafés where you will see them all over Europe along the Riviera waterfront, restaurants and personal balconies and private terraces.