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Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

Posted by Maggie Wynja on

Earthbilt Solutions & Rainforest Relief are working to reduce the demand for products derived from rainforest destruction and highly recommend Black Locust wood for outdoor garden furniture. The problem: the demand for popular exported woods (teak & ipe) is what drives illegal loggers deeper and deeper into pristine forests. Tropical forests are being eradicated at an excruciating rate.

Haste Garden Furniture is made from Robinia (black locust) sourced from central Europe. Knowing where your outdoor furniture is made is a powerful force for change.

This incredibly "green" material will outlast any wood in the outdoors, does not splinter, warp or crack. Made in Poland and harvested from 100% certified FSC well managed forests, it protects our natural environment. In Europe, they have been growing Robinia for over 300 years and have since selectively bred and culitivated the crop.

Our line of Haste Garden Outdoor Furniture imported from Poland is not only environmentally friendly, but the quality and attention to detail is second to none. For outdoor dining, the Rebecca folding tables and chairs are perfect for a garden patio or cafe.