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​The History of Bistro Furniture

Posted by Deonna Adams on

What is bistro furniture?

When you hear the term bistro furniture it may seem self explanatory, but where did it originate? Why is it so popular today? Where can you find bistro furniture for your restaurant or backyard patio?

Let me first start off by saying I’m a little biased because this type of furniture is my absolute favorite. It is classic and timeless, but what exactly is bistro furniture? To best answer this question we should turn to one of the top manufacturers of bistro furniture.

Notice what Fermob’s description of bistro furniture is. “The iconic folding metal Bistro tables and chairs of Paris, created at the end of the 19th Century, were a godsend for the terraces of the small cafes (bistros in French) that were flourishing everywhere at the time.

The new style of furniture, practical and quickly put away, was all the more successful with café owners in that it spared them the rent for a fixed terrace. The success of this “articulated” furniture has inspired many engineers in search for resilience, practicality and comfort.”

So there you have it! A glimpse into the history of bistro furniture. When mentioning bistro furniture we have to talk about other furniture styles that are included in the bistro family. Rattan is also a very popular and stylish choice in furniture today. Along with French cafe tables, and chairs, umbrellas and industrial bistro chairs.

Why is bistro furniture popular today?


Bistro furniture is versatile, comfortable, and stylish. No matter the reason you are looking for outdoor seating. Whether you are a restaurant owner looking for outdoor seating due to the pandemic or someone who wants a bistro set for their outdoor space bistro furniture can be the solution.

This type of furniture is perfect for bars and restaurants in need of commercial furniture. Most metal bistro chairs can be easily and quickly stacked which means they are easy to move and weather resistant. From bar height stools to benches bistro furniture may be the answer for your business!

For those of us just looking for a patio set to compliment our backyard decor bistro furniture can make it easy to decorate with. Most furniture comes in different colors and styles. My favorite style is rattan chairs. More specifically the Parisian Rattan Chair. It comes in 6 different colors, and will easily upgrade your space.

Rattan vs metal which better?

The answer to this question really comes down to just personal style. Both of these materials hold up well in any type of weather. Although It’s always a good idea to store your outdoor furniture during the winter months if not in use. This will help to preserve the life of the furniture.

Here are the pros for most metal bistro tables and chairs:

  • High Protection Treatment for outdoor use
  • Galvanized steel, curved slats
  • Reinforced frame
  • Plastic part for slower, smoother and safer folding

Check out the pros for most rattan furniture:

  • Comfort sitting and durable
  • Cleans with a damp cloth
  • Stack-able

FYI: Rattan is the only material that can be harvested in nature and used for furniture without any processing.The skin of the rattan is very strong and hard wearing and can be used outdoors. However its natural color will turn silvery grey. This transformation is very beautiful and adds character to the furniture. The cane will stay strong for years however the appearance will change. Rattan furniture will last longer if not exposed to water or excessive sun. We also recommend the furniture to be stored inside during winter. Rattan furniture used on covered patios and terraces will last for generations. Enjoy this beautiful and natural product.

Where can you buy bistro furniture?

Finding bistro furniture is actually pretty easy. If you search the web you will find bistro sets in different price ranges. However, if you want quality furniture that will last a long time then please visit our website at

Bistro Patio Furniture offers high quality bistro furniture by Fermob, the well-known French manufacturer. Featuring patio furniture from it’s Bistro range of folding chairs and tables made of durable powder-coated steel which comes in 24 colors. In addition, we offer Sika Design Rattan Chairs, and Haste Garden bistro furniture. For pricing and inventory please visit us at or contact us at 515.233.5812

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